Traditionally, yoga is a solitary practice, hidden away in a cave. The practitioner meets with their guru from time to time to brush up on their skills.

These days that’s not so easy to fit in around work and family, so thankfully we have convenient yoga classes with no cave needed. Of course I want you to come to my yoga classes. Even though your focus is on yourself, the energy that is shared in a group yoga practice is very uplifting. It is also invaluable to have an outside eye – particularly if your practice is new – to check that your body positioning is okay and to share ideas.

That said, it is when you start your own practice that you really challenge yourself. It takes a lot of commitment to start and then maintain your own practice.  Doing yoga once a week may make you feel ‘better’ that day or the next day and if you are able to implement changes in your lifestyle ‘off the mat’ so much the better. But doing just 20 minutes of yoga 3 or 4 times a week will dramatically increase the benefits of your practice between the led sessions.

I'm a firm believer in adopting Ayurvedic habits if you want to make any lasting changes in your life; with all the yoga in the world we cannot make healthy and successful changes without the lifestyle and diet that is appropriate to our constitution. The purpose of Ayurveda traditionally was to aid each person in their spiritual journey; when daily habits are in place, we have that opportunity. 

From September 2018 I'm offering year-long transformational courses, based around the 10 main habits of Ayurvedic daily living. These courses will be online and in person. Contact Lou to find out more!