Me and you and being true

Posted on 01/01/11


I’ve been thinking this week, in my first week back of teaching yoga after a 3 month break, of what it means to be me, and what it means to be you, and how we meet each other. I met some of you this week with a handshake and others with a hug, but that aside, how do we connect?


How often do we dare to be ourselves? How often do we know what we feel or think? And how we can we communicate that to other people? As a yoga teacher, I have to present myself, as I am in that moment. If I’m not honest or real, I’m not being fair to myself, or to you. And you have to be true to you. Hopefully we meet in the middle.


Sometimes it’s scary biscuits to speak your truth.


On being confronted yesterday by a lady who offered me salvation through the Bible, I wanted to tell her about yoga, how I didn’t need salvation, how I don’t think anybody needs salvation, and that I’m not searching for ‘something else’. I have ‘something else’ and that is me. Trust in me. And trust in a higher energy that I don’t understand or pretend to understand. I wanted to tell her, but I didn’t want to cause a scene, or disrupt this otherwise polite conversation. I was accepting of her approaching me, telling me about her truth, but couldn’t, on this occasion, find it in me to tell her my truth.


Maybe I didn’t need to.


I have been known in situations like this before, to get a bit angry, possibly rude or sarcastic. I feel that someone has imposed their opinions on me and that I deserve to speak too. But by telling her my truth, what would have changed? She wasn’t there to hear my truth, just as although I respected hers, it was hers, not mine.


I want to be able to express my opinion without being rude. To be gentle and gracious and powerful all at the same time. I think this is so important. I am allowed to think whatever I like, but I don’t want to blast it on anyone.


Don’t shout your truth. Be your truth. Whatever that is, in any given moment. If we all had the space to work out what our truth is, we might not feel the need to suggest that others find theirs - that coincidentally you think should be exactly the same as yours. As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Your truth can change. In each moment we need to be honest. Our greatest commitment should be to ourselves. Then when I am being me, and you are being you and our circles meet, some pretty cool things can happen. Then we have possibilities. Neither of us is fighting our way because we don’t need to. Then we have the potential to learn, to challenge ourselves, to shift when a shift is needed.


“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” Henri Bergson


And more importantly in the words of Madonna and her truth, “True blue baby I love you”.

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