I forgot!

Posted on 01/01/11

I forgot that nothing else matters. Nothing except this place. This quiet place inside me – a part of me. And it’s always there. I just forgot!


But I have found it again. And now it is familiar.


When I find it I don’t have to rush. I don’t have to judge. There is no failing. There isn’t even you and me. It goes beyond that. There is everything. Everything is here.

It is a soft place. It is open. I am free.



Metallica also know that nothing else matters. They sing it here:




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The shop assistant in Mothercare told me quite chirpily that today is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. I nodded at her and tried to smile and bought the baby bouncer. There is no evidence for today – or indeed any other day – being the most depressing. That said, today I woke up in a grump.
So I have a baby. Let’s get to the point. My main concern before deciding to have a baby was what would happen to my yoga practice. Even as they sliced me open to deliver my baby into the world I asked the anaesthetist how long she thought it would be before I could do yoga. I love my yoga, you see.
Husband is holding baby. Me: “Okay I’m going to sneak off for some yoga . . . “ H: “How long do you need?” How long do I need?! I don’t need much, I would like about a week, please.