Posted on 01/01/11

It may have been the stye in my eye that stopped me from falling back to sleep at 5 this morning. Or it might have been the disconcerting dream that an asteroid was about to smash into the earth . . . they are of similar importance at the moment.


In my dream, I was walking through central Norwich, when a few burning lumps of flying stuff shot past me and landed on the road.“Oh” I thought “that’s not right, I’m sure that doesn’t normally happen . . . umm, . . . I’ll just ignore that for now,” and carried on walking.


But then there were people everywhere. Everyone was screaming and looking up and running. As I looked up, a huge shadow was creeping over the sky. Then I saw the huge red ball heading for us. (Not a ladybird, no– a ball of fire). I ran too. I needed to be near someone I loved, as it all ended.


Then I realised there was no way I was going to make it anywhere in the matter of seconds left. My eyes met with a woman who was running. For a moment we stopped and looked at each other. (hold on in there dudes . . . and try not to take it too seriously . . .) I considered staying with her – somehow connecting with her in the last seconds of the planet. Then decided against it.


I was alone. Completely alone. But somehow connected to everything that had ever existed. And it felt fine. I felt fine. It was almost a relief. All I could do was stand and breathe. There was nothing else to do.



Nice dream, thanks for that. And . . .


The world won’t last forever. This body won’t last forever. We employ delaying tactics with the things we want to do or change. We postpone our dreams. We fill our time with doing stuff. Stuff that doesn’t matter. Mind space that has the potential for more powerful, real stuff gets squished by what the material world tells us is important and real.


Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now) posted on facebook today “When your life situation is all you know about yourself then you miss life. You may be very good at dealing with your life situation, but you miss life. You never really get anywhere. Life is now, not in the doing.”


We work so hard for the wrong things. It’s all there – there inside. We’re constantly distracting ourselves from something we already have. We are already connected. The simplest way to notice this is to follow your breathing – try it now. We inhale, we exhale. It’s simple. It’s beautiful.



‘Stand and deliver’ just came into my head. Crikey, it’s oddly relevant! Do take a peep:


Thank you Ms Asteroid for bringing perspective back to the stye in my eye.

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