The shop assistant in Mothercare told me quite chirpily that today is considered to be the most depressing day of the year. I nodded at her and tried to smile and bought the baby bouncer. There is no evidence for today – or indeed any other day – being the most depressing. That said, today I woke up in a grump.
So I have a baby. Let’s get to the point. My main concern before deciding to have a baby was what would happen to my yoga practice. Even as they sliced me open to deliver my baby into the world I asked the anaesthetist how long she thought it would be before I could do yoga. I love my yoga, you see.
Husband is holding baby. Me: “Okay I’m going to sneak off for some yoga . . . “ H: “How long do you need?” How long do I need?! I don’t need much, I would like about a week, please.
Truth is always changing My truth is different from yours My truth has changed since yesterday. It will change again. If I can work out my truth, I think I’ll be more able to help you with yours. If I can feel my truth, in my body, right now, whatever it tells me is okay.
It may have been the stye in my eye that stopped me from falling back to sleep at 5 this morning. Or it might have been the disconcerting dream that an asteroid was about to smash into the earth . . . they are of similar importance at the moment.