I started yoga in 2002 when I was studying for a degree in dance. Yoga rapidly encompassed everything I had been looking for; a physical, spiritual, mindful exploration of human nature and existence.

Since then, yoga has influenced my decisions, my fulfilment in life, my ambitions and my lifestyle. My day feels more grounded, open and enjoyable when there is yoga. I'm really not sure how I'd cope without the support my yoga practice gives me. Life is not always a smooth ride, and yoga is a constant that I trust, which is always there - just waiting for the mat to be rolled out!

My yoga trainings in 2006 & 2010 in Rishikesh (India) with World Conscious Yoga Family consolidated my knowledge, motivation & love of yoga in the wonderful Ashram setting. The Akhanda style of yoga is holistic in nature, embracing diverse aspects of the yoga tradition.

I also trained with The Minded Institute in 2012 as a yoga therapist for mental health, catering for people with stress, anxiety & depression.

More recently I've studied Ayurveda on several courses; adopting daily habits and routines for improved health and vitality. I am a Yoga Health Coach with Yoga Healer, running year long prgrammes for women, delving into Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

I am qualified to teach many styles including Akhanda (holistic) yoga, Yoga for mental health, Womb Yoga, restorative, pre-natal, Hatha-Raja and Classical Kundalini.

I have been a teacher, assessor and mentor on yoga teacher trainings in Norwich and London. 

My own practice & teaching draws from many styles and also from Ayurvedic principles – recognising that each person and each day is different and requires a different attitude. I encourage people to explore the holistic nature of yoga, using meditation and chanting to enhance well-being. 

I am training as a Polarity Therapist - integrating the aspects of healing I personally find to be most useful: bodywork, postures, Ayurvedic diet, and talking therapy.  

I have a little girl, whom I obviously adore. Aside from her I love dancing, raw chocolate treats, swing music, good wine, and holidays (who doesn't).